Who We Are:

Castle Homes Toronto Landscapers is an upscale, service-oriented, quality-based Landscape Contractor, Landscape Designer and Outdoor Living Construction Services Firm from Toronto. This Company, together with its’ experienced professionals is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all aspects related to Landscape construction and exclusive Outdoor Living environments from vision to concept, consultation to design, procurement to build.

We are a Landscape and Outdoor Living, Consult – Design-Build – Contracting Firm. Our specialty lays in completing mid – large scale, unique Landscape & Outdoor Living transformations. The specialists who work at the Castle Homes, together with its’ founder are the creators of unrivaled Landscapes, stunning Gardens, functional Outdoor Living areas and one-of-a-kind Personal Sanctuary Retreats.

Our staff at the Castle Homes Toronto Landscaping look forward to building your aspirations and fulfilling your needs in harmony with the timelines and money you will invest in your property, as we welcome you to our growing family of highly satisfied Clients.

You can rest easy knowing that with us; you receive only the best possible landscape advice, answers, solutions, materials, personnel, equipment, tools, workmanship and referrals from a group of highly trained, skilled design & construction professionals and specialists.


You have found one of the few award-winning, full-service residential and commercial Outdoor Living and Landscape consulting and design construction companies on the planet that has perfected a project system. The Company’s founder and Senior Lifestyle Consultant has by international nomination, been awarded a Castle Homes Craftsman designation in the art of landscape for these reasons, outstanding achievement, dedication, originality, passion and perfection in his chosen profession.

By consumer vote we are also the proud, but humble recipients of over 380 Design-Build awards, from around the globe.

As a result of the foregoing, in addition to team collaboration, spirit, integrity and devotion to creating sustainable beauty; Castle Homes Landscapers is Toronto #1 landscape design and construction contractor choice for customer service, reliability, honesty, punctuality, quality and craftsmanship.

Our name is synonymous with trust, dedication, passion and distinction throughout the Architectural world. The reputation of our group is attached to the projects we choose to accept; so ensuring client peace of mind and future recommendation to others is paramount to all who proudly work here.

This Company has continued to steadily grow into the highly qualified Team of finely-tuned outdoor creation specialists that it is today; through the recruitment and hand-picking of one Professional at a time and replacing any misfits.

How We Work:

Together with you, we typically conduct a site consultation, to gain an insight of your objectives. From there and at your request, we will prepare a site sketch, conceptual drawing, landscape plan, landscape design, 3D rendering, detailed landscape master plan or permit ready drawings, as may be applicable, customized for our client. We charge appropriate fees for these professional services.

Our work is driven by the collective passion to service our customers with excellence and quality, while creating awe-inspiring beauty through transforming the ordinary into the remarkable. Although every Project we engage in, may not be to the grandeur of some past mansions and castles we have renovated or refurbished; a very typical Client request to our Ofices, is for a full Landscape & Outdoor Living makeover, renovation, outdoor creation, or a new-build completion.

To do the best possible job for you; we need to have a clear understanding of all factors relating to how the client lives on, and wishes to utilize the land.

Knowledge of the client’s style, form and function preference, as well as information about lifestyle, job, stress level, entertainment practices, financial comfort level, number of family members, their ages and interests are also critical details, necessary for us to assist effectively. The property’s present value and its’ enhancement potential are equally vital in the design-build process.

After all, if our clients wish to optimize our expertise in achieving their goals; there cannot be any information handicaps or barriers. Of course, it goes without saying that any information given to us is highly classified and completely confidential.

Utilizing our original, unique and highly perfected system with these 7 simple essentials…

Vision – Inquiry – Communication – Consultation – Concept – Design – Build

The Castle Homes Toronto Landscaping Team delivers matchless results every time. We continually build realities from Client dream-weaving, being mindful of quality and excellence, first! Included, is critical planning, originality, creativity, viable solutions, precision and an unparalleled warranty.

Our Services:

Whether it’s a landscape makeover, overhaul, or renovation, a restoration, alteration, upgrade, or retrofit, a remodel, re-creation, or beautification incorporating the elements of the client’s dreams, or; an elegant, tasteful landscape at a first-class, select, luxury new home; the inspirations we design and build, enhance dramatically the lifestyle and real estate value of the recipient.

Primarily, we serve GTA Toronto, Ontario, and a unique variety of other global regions. As a Team, our group leads at the cutting edge of Landscape Design, Construction and Sustainability technology; introducing and developing original ‘outdoor living’ trends and unique installations in all the Consult-Design-Build projects, we have completed to date.

Our Clients:

In today’s society; people are caused to spend more time working and less time recreationally. As such, they wish to spend more time utilizing their own private property and enhance their net worth in the process. Wisely so- since we all desire increased wealth and sanctuary! What a better place to seek refuge and asylum from the impatient world? And, what better security on investment, than one directly controlled in the single largest investment most of us will ever make in our life – our home?

An often significant undertaking; the specialized art-form of landscape design and construction demands the years of experience, skill and expertise we possess- for your benefit. Every single project undertaken by our group is backed by a proven, unyielding track record, sound reputation and iron-clad warranty.

Distinguished home owners demand the very best Toronto Residential Landscaping Company to design and landscape their first-class, premium homes. Discerning developers also solicit a refined professional Toronto Commercial Landscaping Company to design and landscape their complexes, 6 star vacation resorts, spas, havens and sanctuaries.

The Landscape Misconception:

Landscape Designers and Constructors do not cut lawns, pull weeds and trim bushes. We are creators of outdoor artistry and the truly gifted ones are rare, in demand and generally expensive- no different than any other gifted professional, such as a surgeon, accountant or lawyer. Although the choices are many- the proven are few.

The Landscape Construction and Outdoor Living business is highly sophisticated, with thousands of factors to consider and hundreds of Hardscape and Softscape materials to choose from. Grades, elevations, drainage and existing on-site elements play a critical role in the development of a new landscape.

Therefore, most projects require Consulting and Design-work; as it forms the foundation for consistency and accuracy. You cannot get any accuracy on something abstract and in your mind. Geometry, scaling, measurement and drawings are essential fundamentals in every successful project; unless of course, you like Work Change Orders or other unpleasant surprises for omitted items.

Although it is a common marketing ploy, which may appear enticing on the surface and may be advertised as such; quotes are never free. Costs are passed on to someone, somewhere.

40 years in this business has taught us that providing quotes on proposed work without scaled drawings is more often than not; an exercise in futility and frustration for everyone, as there are no clear parameters. As well, there is no common denominator and therefore the client often does not get what she/he thought, was being quoted.

Moreover, projects are inevitably changed along the way during the build process rendering the quote invalid, or in need of revision.

Yes, consulting and design-work costs some money- but think for a moment- about the errors and costly mistakes it prevents. Imagine building a new home without blueprints! Where would you start? In what order would you do things? How would you make the various elements integrate and fit together? How would you ensure that what you put together today will not impede what needs to be installed tomorrow?

Similarly, building a quality landscape and outdoor living space, requires a ‘blue-print’- more commonly known as a Castle Plan.

For the most part; only sub-standard, desperate, or greenhorn contracting firms will donate their time for nothing; doing “free quotes” for people who they have never met, someone who has no documented plans and work scope, people who may only be curious, and/or, someone from whom they may not ever get a contract with. These types of contractors have a thought process that is regularly referred to as the “shotgun approach”, or what is also referred to as the “numbers game.”

They feel that if they look at enough projects and give out enough free quotes; they are bound to get some of the jobs; similar to shooting enough shotgun pellets into the air, is bound to hit some food; sooner or later. Undoubtedly, this approach works some of the time; however, it has no consistency and those contractors quickly disappear into the night, or find themselves in bankruptcy court.

Maximize Your Money:

Genuine, informed and intelligent clients, widely recognize that this is the worst possible approach to having high-quality work done at their property, since they have no clear and concise idea of what they might be getting for the money they will spend and they also understand that ‘free’ rarely has any value or authenticity.

In addition, they have a very good idea of what they want and they also know that to get value, integrity and quality, there is a price-tag. They don’t give, nor do they expect, any freebies and they most certainly do not want anything sub-standard, least of all; the contractor who is supposed to transform the land, on which they live!

In order to maximize your investment and get the “biggest bang for your buck”, you should have a landscape plan to work from; otherwise you are often throwing money away needlessly through mistakes, inefficiency, and repetitiveness from things being completed in the wrong order.

We mention all this publicly, only because of our genuine concern and caring for every, single, potential client, regardless of ethnicity or financial stature; so they do not get caught in a pitfall and end up being in one of the horrifying “contractor stories”, such as some of those televised on W5.

Our Protocol:

As trained professionals, we are loaded with Landscape Ideas! When you contact us with your inquiry, we provide a free phone consultation to gain an insight into your project.

During that conversation, we may agree that it is necessary to do a site consultation as well, for which we charge an hourly fee. All professionals, such as Accountants, Architects, Dentists and Lawyers; set his/her fee schedules based on competency, skill, expertise and experience. Being Toronto Landscape Architectural professionals, we are exactly the same.

We charge a fixed hourly rate for our time, expertise, experience level, advice, site attendance, research work, consultation, permitting, architectural design work and materials selections. The overall consultation and design costs vary from project to project, based on the amount of our time the client requires and as supplied by our specialists. It can vary from several hundreds to many thousands of dollars.

Nearly all the design and construction projects we undertake are on a “cost-plus” and “hourly” basis because of our experience and professionalism, together with the confidence and trust our gain in us clients. The value of this to you as our client; is no shortcuts, care, quality, precision and attention to detail, as well as no ‘bidding bonuses’ or other hidden costs that some companies indulge.

On occasion and upon mutual agreement, we may undertake “turnkey”, “hard-quoted” or, “lump sum” projects, for select Clients depending on the circumstances, but it is rare. Our clients all prefer, by far, the ‘cost-plus system’ we utilize, since it gives them full control over their project, an accurate accounting of daily costs and allows them to make changes, without being surcharged to death.

Being the trendsetters we are; our approach to assisting our Clients with budgetary or investment affairs and matters is innovative, unique, superior and win-win-win for all concerned. Our integrity prevents us from participating and imitating the undesirable and deceptive practices of some others.

Upon Client-Contractor compatibility being mutually reached, agreed upon and our Firm being financially retained after our first meeting; we begin working with our Clients every step of the way through consultation, communication, design and project costing.

The Company’s personnel solve our Clients problems and deliver optimal solutions with deadly precision, to every customer- every time- without exception. Included, we professionally complete on an accountable basis; all the preliminary site-work, photography, measuring, research, conceptual sketching, landscape plan work, take-offs, design-work, material selection, permitting, etc., while continually providing updated pricing guidelines, thereby keeping our clients informed, comfortable, secure and within their financial comfort levels.

If something cannot be done properly within an anticipated budget; we will inform our Client at the outset; rather than “telling them what they want to hear” now; only to change it and prove a different reality later on. Our Company policy is to decline a Project; ahead of making false promises, or trying to deliver the impossible, or taking shortcuts, or supplying something inferior, thus risking the possibility of getting a bad reference in the process.

Upon completion of and being paid for the entire necessary preliminary and design-work; we rebate a portion of the amount paid to us by the Client; toward the overall cost of construction, once we begin building the project. These unique combinations and operational practices enable us to upgrade and add great value to our client’s property, while dramatically enhancing the esthetic appeal, functionality and usability.

Business Source:

Most of the landscape and outdoor living business we do comes to us from referrals of highly satisfied past clients. Our near 5000 past customer references endorse this Company by welcoming you to phone them, or visit their residences and hear about, or view our work first hand. They will also advocate our pricing and integrity; based on the quality and excellence they received on their project.

Without exception they will validate our genuineness and secure your level of comfort in us because to them- there is no landscape like a masters’ landscape- and no Company who can design and build it, like the Castle Homes Toronto Landscapers Company.

As you will also discover when we begin working together; little is left to chance, or guesswork, in our daily operations. For reasons of full disclosure, due diligence and our Clients peace of mind, we supply and deliver critical correspondence and documentation, in writing for our Clients and we expect they would do the same in return for us- for clarity. All levels of management and staff at Castle Homes Landscapers are professionals, top specialists and craftsmen in their fields. They are not a collection of inexperienced amateurs, illegal foreigners or kids.

The business code of conduct, ethics, recruiting, hiring, supervision, and A & D Policy at the Castle Homes Landscapers Company is exemplary, rigorously upheld and enforced. Although there are many… 3 of our strongest attributes are… integrity, quality and caring.

The Builders:

Nearly all of the work on our Projects is completed ‘in house’ by our own forces. We do use pre-approved Sub-contractors from time to time, for highly specialized fields such as gas-fitting, for example. Together with our host of diversified partners, the range of our Landscape Design and Construction capabilities are virtually limitless.

We pledge to and pride ourselves in; continually providing superior customer service, by working with our Clients to offer the very best solutions for maximizing their investment budget. Together, we have also played an important role in the Landscape-Outdoor Living Design-Build business; having done Projects from small and simple, to grandiose and lavish throughout many parts of the world.

The Staff who make this Company the great organization it is today are all career people; many of whom have young families to raise therefore their livelihood depends on our business. They are all well compensated beyond industry averages and in return, they all demonstrate their dedication to the company, by giving everything they possibly can, to our clients’ projects.

Project Undertakings:

Projects this Company contracts in landscape architectural design and construction; vary in value from multi-thousands of dollars on small scale projects into the millions of dollars on large ones.

It is a well-known and proven fact that professional landscaping in its’ most sophisticated form, can potentially increase the overall land and building value of a property, by over 100% in some cases.

Although we are not always ideally suited to some smaller projects, due to the cost factors involved; we do undertake them occasionally to fill vacancies in our pre-booking schedules. Alternatively, we will cheerfully recommend one of our “partner landscape companies” to inquiring Clients who we are not ideally suited, in return for a small referral fee from the partner.

The Cost Of Quality:

Quality contractors may appear to cost more; but the reality is- they don’t! In fact, in the overall scope of construction, they are actually less expensive; because first of all, they know what they are doing; secondly, they have quality career-minded Tradespeople; third, they deliver exceptional value and quality in product received, on time, within budget; and fourth, they know proper technique and do not “perform experiments” with your money as they learn through trial and error.

In addition, they don’t overlook factors and critical elements, they don’t take shortcuts, and they don’t “Work Change Order” the client to death; due to incompetency on estimating and takeoffs. Distinctive Firms like this one, insist on doing the Project, once- the right way- and back their work with an outstanding warranty. Building landscapes and their comprised elements right the first time; is what makes your experience as a client headache-free and your investment as solid as the Prudential Insurance Company of America- The Rock!

Like the concrete footings of a sky-scraper; much of what goes into a top-quality, lifetime Landscape & Outdoor Living Construction Project, is that which lies beneath the surface, or cannot even be seen; yet is essential to structural stability, integrity and longevity.

Quality firms rarely engage in the practice of wasting fuel, time and expense driving about the countryside giving out free quotes on sophisticated, undesigned, landscape work proposals. Without accurate, scaled drawings and take-offs; true industry professionals view this, all too common practice; as nothing more than uneducated guesswork with no value, accuracy or any integrity.

Of course, like any viable business, our longevity and success in supplying our clients with the exceptional service and products we are known for, depends on the Company making a profit. Our profit margins are fair and not excessive. It is set rigidly at 16% and we do not vary from that benchmark, nor do we make exceptions under any circumstance; as that is what it takes to run our Landscape business.

The Risks:

As you may now understand; it is difficult for a quality Contractor to work without clear definition of the project work scope and its’ parameters. Consultation and Design are nearly always a necessity for successful budgeting and construction. Question anyone who tries to convince you otherwise and remember the proverb, “you generally get in return what you have opted to pay for at the outset.”

To put it into a different context; if you ‘play penny-stocks’ on the Venture Exchange, you will run some very high risks- for either loss or perhaps gain.

If on the other hand; you ‘play Blue-chips’ on the TSX, you will enjoy stability, peace of mind and safety in your investment.

Similarly, if you hire Pros, you can live worry-free. Conversely, if you hire greenhorns, you expose yourself to potential risks! As long as everything goes to plan; you may see some gain; but what happens if something “goes west”?
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